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Training Product knowledge ONLINE RALALI, 19 April 2018

Dalam rangka program penjualan Jonnesway, kami dari  PT. PRIMA TEKNIK MANDIRI selaku Distributor Tunggal JONNESWAY Professional Tools Serie ...


- Promo ini berlaku dari 29 Mei 2017 hingga 14 Juli 2017 - Syarat dan Ketentuan Berlaku  ...


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Merry Christmas 2016 & Happy New Year 2017

Dear Jonnesway Valuable Customers, One of our real joys on this festive is the opportunity to say "THANK YOU" and wish you all the best, br ...

PT. Prima Teknik Mandiri is a Sole Distributor of JONNESWAY Products in Indonesia as one of the South East Asian Distributor representative beside Malaysia and Brunei.

JONNESWAY Tools Series provides Hand Tools, Pneumatic, Garage Automotive, and Special Tools which meet International Standard (ISO), Germany Standard (DIN), and USA Standard (ANSI).

JONNESWAY  by more than 32 years experiences has achieved the strict quality demand in the professional markets and received patents on many new sophisticated tools design. Currently, JONNESWAY products are available in more than 114 countries including USA, Russia, CIS, South Africa, Middle East and almost whole Asia continent. PT. Prima Teknik Mandiri is supported by dealers and resellers in major cities of Indonesia.

JONNESWAY products are not only have a high quality but also competitive in pricing with guarantee certificate for 3 years up to lifetime.

Jonnesway - Marketing Certificate

SGS Taiwan Ltd - MD Compliance

VDE Purf - Marks Approval Certificate

VDE Purf - Marks Approval Certificate